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November 2016 Beer Club

Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break Natale (wait, they’re not finished) Pretty Please with a Cherry on Top Christmas Brew. Another play on Evil Twin’s Biscotti Break series, brewed this time (I believe everything I read on the internet) at Westbrook

Beer Bonanza

Beer Bonanza

BLOG Oct 03, 2016

The first ever Beer Competition for Australian brewed beers is being hosted by Queensland Food and Wine at the RNA Showgrounds on 21st October. As we are fast approaching summer and the peak beer drinking season this is a great

February 2016 Beer Klub

An unlikely pair Evil Twin Hop Flood People around here seem to like their IPAs and ambers. How strange that this is the best of both. Grass and citrus, hop presence, low bitterness, a little backbone. Evil Twin, Denmark, brewing

Beer Club – Sept ’14

what up y’all. this month’s beer club pick involves a little country called england. specifically in the 18th century. you’re probably wondering, yo, why are you trying to feed me stuff about 18th century england? WE’RE IN AMERICA. well, it’s

Beer O’ Da Month – August ’14

alright, y’all. we have two beers for this month’s BOTM coming in hot from spain – naparbier from navarra and la socarrada from valencia. doing some extensive research on both breweries, naparbier claims that it’s “the age of the authentic

July 2014 Wine & Beer of the Month Clubs

Wine Club So I joined this Wine Club and I am like where is my Wine? It’s Here. For Realz! 2007 Olin Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. We’re not usually big proponents of Big Oak influenced California Cab but like a

Beer O’ The Month Club – June ’14

two new breweries enter the fray: prairie artisan ales from tulsa, oklahoma and mill valley beerworks from mill valley, ca. the first brewery has garnered a reputation in the beer community for releasing some really solid stuff. the beer i

Beer of the Month Club – May ’14

Alright, alright. Apologies for the lag on this blog post! For this month’s BOTM we have two outstanding bros for beers. First up, we have Philosophizer from Adelbert’s Brewery out in Austin, TX. A little spiel about this brewery before