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Many Italian varieties are now being grown and produced in Australia gradually finding their way into wine stores and restaurants, lucky us more and more opportunities to try different varieties and discover lots of new flavours that may be a bit different from our traditional tastes.

Rutherglen NebbioloThe subtle shift in retail acceptance has shown an impressive growth in production of varieties such as sangiovese, nebbiolo, barbera ,dolcetta, moscato and arneis which are all readily available. Pinot grigio is leading the charge having gone from obscurity to main stream .

Italian varieties matched with their preferred micro climate within Australia have the potential to viticulturally do very well and we will begin to see more of lesser know varieties such as vermentino and montelpacino. Already the number of varieties is growing and with the right selection in the right spot means exciting times ahead.

Add a dash of Australian wine making and we are in for a whole new experience.

Pinocchio RosatoGarry Crittenden from Mornington Penninsula has long been a fan of the Italian vine and produces a range under the Pinocchio brand including a Rosato. The Pinocchio arneis is a medium dry white wine with a rich texture, hints of pear and nectarine flavours with a crisp palate profile and zesty acidity. Arneis originally a product of Piedmont in Italy is light and easy to drink and is named after the grape from which it is grown.

Food Matches – A great summer drink goes well with salad, prosciutto and melon or a light pasta primavera.


Created from predominately Prosecco grapes this dry, lemony bubbly is a well made sparkling wine from Italy`s Veneto region, is light affordable and fun. Most prosecco is at its best when young and consumed within three years of vintage. Prosecco is also delicious when combined with peach juice which creates Venice`s famous cocktail Bellini.

Brown Brothers have a recently released a Prosecco which is a perfect summer drink, crisp and clean with notes of citrus, melon and honey it pairs well with seafood- calamari, crabmeat, salads and even light pastas. This is available through selected outlets and on premise (restaurant wine lists). I expect this wine will have a dedicated following before too long.

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