August 2016 Wine of the Month Club

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Ever heard of Braucol, Negrette or Duras? Nope? They are wine grapes. Grown in the Southwest of France near the Pyrenees Mountains.

There is good reason why you haven’t heard of them. For years the port of Bordeaux was the main way to get wine out of France. The Bordeauxlais being the Protectionists that they are, didn’t want other wines competing with their wines.

So they made it law that the Bordeaux Wines had to be shipped first before any other regions wines could leave the port; in effect giving them a 100+ year jump on the export market.

This is why you go to a restaurant and order Cabernet, or Merlot or Sauvingon Blanc and not Negrette, Fer Servadou or Duras.

We are here to change that and are hitting you with 2 great Southwest french Wine.

2009 D’en Segur Le Rouge

2009 D'en Segur Le Rouge

D’en Segur Le Rouge

Dusty, full of fruit red blend that is hand farmed and stainless tank aged. Let it open up and you will swear that this wine sees some oak but that’s just the spicey, smokey Braucol doing it’s thing.

2012 Chateau Coutinel Rose

Chateau Coutinel Rose

Chateau Coutinel Rose

What? Rose in the Winter? Yep. This is Winter Rose. Pam Grier Rose. Rose with some body. Made from 60% Negrette which is the Norm in Fronton. Super aromatic, fruity but not sweet & easy to drink. Well suited to fish or even a Berry Tart. Consume on the Next 70+ Socal Winter day.


Ryan Dorough