February 2015 Wine of the Month

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Posip, Uva Rara, Erbaluce, Negrette, Fer Servadou, Gros Manseng, Courbu, Arrufiac…We know, we know. We throw a lot of grapes with funny names at you.

This month we are going to go with a Classic:

Cabernet Sauvignon

From guess where? Yep. Napa Valley, California

2006 Huge Bear

2006 Huge BearYou know when you are rocking out to a guilty pleasure song on the Radio. You feel great while it’s happening, but a little cheap and ashamed when it’s over.

This wine is Don’t Stop Believin, Bohemian Rhapsody & The Humpty Dance, all rolled into one.

Huge Bear is big, it’s huge. Layers of ripe jammy fruit and sweet spicy french oak. Reminds us of the Claim Jumper Blackberry pies….but with booze!

You will devour it.. You will enjoy it. You will feel a little cheap when finished.

Soak it up with friends and a hunk of meat.

We won’t be doing this again for awhile

Ade Macalinao