September 2014 Wines of the Month

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2010 Musto Carmelitano – Maschitano Rosso di Basilicata & 2012 Estancia Los Cordones Torrontes

2010 Musto Carmelitano - Maschitano Rosso di Basilicata

2010 Musto Carmelitano – Maschitano Rosso di Basilicata

Don’t be afraid of the Big Scary Foreign Words.

The Rosso is an Organiclly farmed Aglianico from Basilicata Italy. That’s the instep of the foot down in the South. It’s warm down there with a helluva lot of Volcanic Soil. It shows in the Wine, there is a nice gravely earthiness with this guy + a lot of mid palate fruit to back it up. Flowers herbs and meatiness on the finish beg for some lamb or game meat. Uncork this guy and serve with something a wee bit gamey. Chef Itzti’s Wild Boar Ragu would be a winner ( ask for the Recipe). Or since it’s finaly cooler thant the core of the Sun just throw some Spring Lamb on the grill with a touch of Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper & Herb de Provence. Cook Rare. Eat. Swig. Repeat.

What’s Torrontes? Ask Nicole… or just read her Notes on the Anko Below.

2012 ANKO Torrontes – Estancia Los Cardones – Salta

2012 Estancia Los Cordones Torrontes

2012 Estancia Los Cordones Torrontes

Right out of the fridge I get a spicy minerality, but I remember the first time I tasted this a little more to temp, that it had lime blossom floral notes and somewhat of black Muscat, spice quality-of which I tend to shy away from-but this fresh wine I hope you enjoy as much as I do. One can definitely appreciate this white at any level from the novice wine drinker, who may appreciate the cloying fruit, almost sweet aroma to the more pro day drinker that may appreciate the layers of aromas-you may even get a green vegetal funk- to the complexity of the structure, and the tart dryness which defies the nose. Flavors of citrus and a touch of salinity make this wine the perfect afternoon medium bodied wine that would enhance any September sunset, you could even pair this with a butter leaf lettuce grilled Cajun shrimp salad with a lime citrus vinaigrette, don’t forget the avocado. Cheers!

Ryan Dorough