Beer O’ Da Month – August ’14

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alright, y’all. we have two beers for this month’s BOTM coming in hot from spain – naparbier from navarra and la socarrada from valencia. doing some extensive research on both breweries, naparbier claims that it’s “the age of the authentic and natural beer taste” and “the craft beer sector [in Spain] has making amazing beers with a very good taste and personality. In Naparbier we are proud to be part of this new beer age. Targeting the quality and diversity, avoiding global beers that hurt our taste.” la socarrada has some spiel about utilizing artisanal ingredients in spanish. whatever that means.

anyways, they turned out to be phenomenal beers. here are some tasting notes for both:

Naparbier Pils

naparbier pilsner

naparbier pilsner: citrus, so much citrus on initial smell. sweet nose. citrus zest on the nose. rosemary maybe thyme or bay leaves? hint of tartness. bready pilsner malts, followed by earthy soil character from yeast. not in a bad way, gives it character. very very slight lactic quality that follows – almost like a hint of lemon or lime. light and refreshing! 4.9 abv makes this really drinkable.

to try with: rosemary chicken, toum & cous cous or lengua tacos.



La Socarrada

la soccarada cervesa artesanal premium

la soccarada cervesa artesanal premium: rosemary! herb-y rosemary on the nose through & through. bready malts come through right after hints of lavender and herbs. goddamn. this is refreshing. super effervescent. pretty sweet. are they trying to go for a golden ale? slight phenols – cloves come through a lil. esters are nice too – floral character melds well with the rosemary. honey too? taste grows on you – i could drink a bunch of these.

suggested: homemade crepes with lemon zest or strawberries and whipped cream.

Ade Macalinao