Beer O’ The Month Club – June ’14

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two new breweries enter the fray: prairie artisan ales from tulsa, oklahoma and mill valley beerworks from mill valley, ca. the first brewery has garnered a reputation in the beer community for releasing some really solid stuff. the beer i chose for this month’s allotment is no exception.

here are my notes on this batch of prairie bomb!

prairie bomba

prairie bomba

dominant tobacco nose, chocolate and alcohol present. dark chocolate + coffee, the cacao nibs are prominent. mild raisin notes. pours thick and viscose with little head retention – thick like oil! smooth mouthfeel – thinner than it looks. smoke black liquorice coffee notes. astringency from coffee. vanilla beans add a nice sweetness. chili peppers probably add to the smokiness… wonder what kind of peppers. coats your mouth and leaves a lasting bitter impression from hops. simple hop profile. will age well for up to a year. six months is ideal.

food pairings: creme brulee, korean bbq – think marinated short ribs with a lil sugar, use for a stout brownie base and drink the rest.

espiritu oscuro from mill valley beerworks

espiritu oscuro from mill valley beerworks

for the next beer, i chose espiritu oscuro from mill valley beerworks. truthfully, i know next to nothing about this brewery except that it’s only started to see distribution around southern california and that the labels are pretty badass.

initially was pretty worried that this beer would be a little much, being a belgian dark strong aged in four roses bourbon barrels. i was wrong. clocking in at 9.2% ABV, this guy is deliciously sinful and complex.

here are some notes:

surprising estery, herbaceous nose. stoked. smells wonderful: like lavender molasses freshly cut hay and bourbon. thick head retention – surprising for a beer aged in barrels. not that it matters, used to thick viscose stouts so this is nice. tastes like cloves mild smoke stone fruit . thinner mouthfeel – easy on the palate. raisins and tobacco as it warms up. oakiness or wood from casks. a bit heavy on the stomach – share with friends. drink fresh.

food pairings: beef bourgogne, lavender ice cream (or something bougie, decadent and pretentious), margherita pizza.

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