Beer of the Month Club – May ’14

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Alright, alright. Apologies for the lag on this blog post!

For this month’s BOTM we have two outstanding bros for beers. First up, we have Philosophizer from Adelbert’s Brewery out in Austin, TX. A little spiel about this brewery before talking shop: Adelbert’s Brewery is known for solely brewing bottle-conditioned Belgian styles. Yeah, that’s right, an American microbrewery that’s dedicated to using old-world malted barley, low alpha acid hops (Noble and the like), & Belgian yeasts.

Philosophizer from Adelbert's Brewery

Philosophizer isn’t your typical Belgian, though. It’s touted as a Belgian-style Saison. You’re probably going… what does that mean? Well, historically saisons originate from the French-speaking part of Belgium, not France itself. Typically brewed in the winter months, saisons were stored and consumed by farm workers during the summer. Perfect Spring beer? Duh. Apart from (inaccurately) being considered French by most people, modern saisons are characterized by a dominant fruity spice character due to the production of esters (warmer fermentation), earthy yeasts & malts, and light tartness (depending on the brew).

Philosophizer fits all those categories and more. Going down, this beer has some gnarly bready pepper notes. Smooth criminal for a 7.5%. Super dry. I’d disagree with ‘mild’ carbonation since it poured a crap ton of head even with a 45 degree angle glass pour. Drink this one fresh.

Suggested pairings: Berry pie, spiced banana bread, pan-fried trout with asparagus, d’affinois cheese, Korean fried chicken.

Next up, we have a cool favorite from a brewery in Chicago, IL. Local Option Bierwerker is located in Chitown and is probably the size of a small living room, from what I hear. But they make awesome brews. Morning Wood is no exception. This Oak-Aged Coffee Amber is pretty rad, with tons of fresh roasted beans on the nose and easy-going malt profile. I get slight fresh oaky notes on the nose, but the insane amounts of coffee they put in this brew masks a lot of it. There’s not a lot more to it than that. Solid and decadent woody coffee amber. Not to be aged.

Suggested pairings: Cigars, espresso (yes, with beer), fig bread pudding, bacon anything, grilled maple pork belly dishes, smoked ribzzzz.

Ade Macalinao