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2012 Motta – 100% Ciliegiolo – Red wine from Tuscany, IGT classification

2012 Motta – 100% Ciliegiolo

2012 Motta Ciliegiolo

Typically used as a minor grape varietal in blending Chianti, the Motta needs no help from Sangiovese to make a statement all it’s own.

On the nose you can definitely tell it’s Italian, pepper, spice, dried, tar. In the mouth, nice dry tannins and a little itchy gum feel that reminds Nicole of Malbec, but then comes the bright ripe cherry fruit, like Sangio but with more weight and less acid.

Lot of complex layers and lasting hang time, with a tongue-clicking finish that demands a steak. Easy to drink. A little harder to pronounce.

2012 California Soul, Mother Hips Rose’ – Paso Robles, CA

2012 California Soul, Mother Hips RoseThis rose’ is quite different from other rose wines I’ve been indulging this month. Staying with the May-Rose’ theme this is a great wine to add to your collection. No need to hold onto it for long though, this is meant to be “drunk now”—which after this first glass is how I’m feeling.

What I noticed about the color of this wine is it is quite deep in color for a rose’ a beautiful watermelon ruby. On the nose the bright summer berries jump out at first, but then there is a slight approachable funk. On the palate, it slides easily onto the tongue in an interestingly mild almost like a flavored water, then it explodes with—wait for it—not fruit but spice. And the mouth-feel is surprising as well, not your typical crisp, higher acid rose’ it has a nice, intense roundness to it. Tons of spice for this 13.5%AC, for this GSM Rose’ blend. Only 60 cases of this wine were produced. So we hope you enjoy this fun rose’.

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